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A Hungarian celebration is on its way!

The Year of Hungarian Culture in Israel

20 productions over the period of 100 days with more than 1000 guests arriving from Hungary

Celebrating 30 years of renewed diplomatic relations

March 11 to October 26, 2019

The 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel also includes a 30-year period of diplomatic relations between Israel and Hungary. The marking of the thirtieth anniversary of the establishment of these diplomatic relations between the two countries provides an excellent opportunity to present the wide and colorful range of artistic activities and rich cultural life in Hungary to the Israeli public.

Hungarian culture is not foreign to Israelis. Hungarian cuisine is an inseparable part of the culinary richness that makes up the diverse menu of Israeli society, with its various communities and flavors. Hungarian cinema is represented at the best festivals in Israel, as does the Hungarian theater in all its forms. Over the past decade, the Budapest Operetta Theater has become a guest of honor at the Israeli Opera House, performing in front of packed houses, admired for the musical and theatrical virtuosity of its soloists, and performances by the Hungarian Folk Dance Company and Recirquel Contemporary Circus have all gained incredible success and highly favorable reviews.

The program of the Hungarian culture year in Israel was carefully selected, with the intention of presenting a wide and diverse selection of world renown Hungarian artists and creations in various fields of art to the Israeli public. Over the coming year performances and events will be held with hundreds of singers, dancers, actors, circus artists, artists from different fields of design and multidisciplinary artists, chefs and intellectuals all around Israel.