Fine Art Exhibition: Everything around us

International Exhibition of the Hungarian National Fine Arts Salon.

The theme of the exhibition is the artistic side of everyday objects. Clothes we wear at home, on the street, or on special occasions, the morning coffee mug, the table on which the mug is placed between two sips. We look into the newspapers, run through the titles, look at our cell phone, almost ignoring it. All these things are “around us”. Everyday encounters continue on the streets: we pass beside the billboards, cross the road to the stop where we wait for the bus or taxi. The streetlights distract us while cars, bikes, and engines rush past us in an  endless colorful stream before our eyes. We stumble upon design and craft products at our workplace and during the afternoon routine of everyday life.

Jordei Hassian (behind Hangar 11), Tel Aviv Harbor, Federation Pavilion

October 10-16

The exhibition is open every day from 10:00 to 20:00

Entry is free