The Hungarian National Theater

The Hungarian National Theater will be presenting Woyzeck at the Tel Aviv-Yafo International Theater Festival.

Over its 180 years of its existence, the Hungarian National Theater has been renewed over and over again and has been one of the most influential theaters in Central Europe since it was moved to a new building on the banks of the Danube 15 years ago.

In Woyczek, a small man who cannot wage war and digest the surrounding world. Like a “paper ship in the middle of the ocean” – his environment ignores him, he is fearful of life, distraught by devastating instincts and missed love. Nevertheless, the way out and salvation are within reach for the protagonist, which only bring the tragic fall closer. Like a drunken circus artist, he overcomes gravity with an inevitable

finality. Through this, the young creative team is looking for an answer to the question that deals with today’s solitude, between fictional ideas, are we able to rediscover and live our emotions and humanity. Another big question deals with the ideas that should be followed due to our nature and not the negative products of an artificial social process.

“Some occasions are too important to exploit, and some may destroy themselves.” – Franz Kafka

Georg Büchner: Woyzeck

Director: Attila Vidnyánszky

June 14-15, Tel Aviv

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